10 Best Practices For Parkinson’s Disease Patients – Joon Faii Ong

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that affects movement. It can be a challenge to live with Parkinson’s disease, but there are ways to make life easier. Experts like Joon Faii Ong recommend a few good practices that can help Parkinson’s disease patients live a healthy and productive life.

1: Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the most important habits that the experts recommend Parkinson’s disease patients to do on a daily basis. A regular exercise routine can improve your balance, motor skills, and muscle strength. Exercising also helps people with Parkinson’s disease to lose weight. Experts recommend a workout that engages as many muscles as possible because it has been proven to be more effective in relieving symptoms of the disease.

2: Diet

A healthy diet with proper nutrition is also an important practice that Parkinson’s disease patients should do. According to the National Institute of Health, for people suffering from this condition, it is recommended to eat foods high in fiber and low in saturated fats. High-fiber food helps reduce constipation problems.

3: Taking Medications

According to the National Institute of Health, people with Parkinson’s disease should take medications as prescribed by their doctor. There are now a number of medications that can help control symptoms such as tremors and muscle stiffness.

4: Managing Symptoms

Support groups and other professional organizations such as The Michael J. Fox Foundation can provide information on how Parkinson’s disease patients can manage their symptoms by keeping a positive outlook, reducing stress, and having a good support system.

5: Adjusting Daily Routines

People with Parkinson’s disease should make their daily routines easier to do. The experts recommend asking for help from family and friends when doing tasks that are hard to accomplish due to the condition.

6: Staying Positive

One of the most important practices that Parkinson’s disease patients should do is to stay positive. According to experts, having a positive attitude can reduce stress and improve your quality of life. Parkinson’s patients who are more optimistic have fewer muscle stiffness, tremors, and depression symptoms.

7: Seek Support

People with Parkinson’s disease should seek support from family, friends, and other people who can provide emotional support. These people can help you stay motivated even during the more difficult times of dealing with this condition.

8: Get Involved in Research

According to the National Institute of Health, participation in clinical trials is beneficial for people with Parkinson’s disease. Participating in these trails allows researchers to find better treatments and cures for this condition.

9: Stay Connected

People with Parkinson’s disease should keep in touch with their family and friends. According to the experts, having a strong support system is essential for people who are dealing with this condition.

10: Live a Full and Happy Life!

Above all, people with Parkinson’s disease should live a full and happy life. The experts recommend trying to do simple things such as going to the park and taking long walks, listening to music, and reading books. Parkinson’s disease does not mean you can no longer enjoy life. You should still do the things that make you happy and avoid stress.

By following these simple practices, Parkinson’s disease patients can improve their quality of life and manage their symptoms.