Not many know about how Blackjack is found and there are many rumors and the assumptions about this game but here you will be able to read about them all.

Trusted by many people starting in France and called Vingt-et-UN which means 20 and 1 in French. Like most casino games that we play today, true origin may never be known.

The aim in blackjack is to get the total or as close as possible without more than 21. Dealers give each player 2 cards. Then each player gets a turn to ask for more cards one by one until the layer thinks it is the best hand they can get without more than 21.

English name Blackjack is given to the game because in the French version of the game. If a player draws a Jack Spades and As cards of the player’s shovel get an additional bonus. To get this bonus, the Jack of Spades needs to be pulled first and the name Blackjack was born from the player shouting their desire for a black jack.

In the 1880s Blackjack made his appearance in America, and it grew very fast in popularity. It’s not long before the player is aware of the convenience where the chances of blackjack can be manipulated and that the rules need to be placed to organize this game. Instead of all gambling made illegal in 1910 and all gambling walked underground. This is the core of the gangster currently formed.

Finally because the government’s legal and gangster activities decided to be smarter to legalize and control gambling.

At this point Blackjack becomes far from the most popular gambling games from any casino. Many books are written by mathematicians about the problem of how to increase your chances in Blackjack.

It reaches the point where the casino must change the way the game is played because too many people think they know how to manipulate their chances and casinos do not want it, but the real fact is that mathematicians who come with these techniques to defeat the opportunity to write it in a way that is Only them and other mathematical nerds can understand and most people think they understand theories continue to lose money at the blackjack table, and help build a casino gambling world that is right now.

The casino appears with the idea of ​​adding the second and third deck to the game to make card calculations harder and actually change the chances of returning to their help and losing holes in the game that allow them to change opportunities in the first place.

At present people can play blackjack in legal casinos or in one of the many online casinos that have appeared in recent years. Because people are still trying to find the method of winning blackjack easily, people still write books on how to win blackjack, but unlike mathematicians who write these books in the 50s and 60s today’s books written by several People who have just been written claim to have a system. Unfortunately today is that you need to sell books. Many people pay a lot of money for the Blackjack system which is a book that tells you nothing and maybe a video showing you how to play blackjack. If you want to be rich and make enough to retire from blackjack, don’t take part in this game. Chances are the system you have is garbage and will lose all your money.

Victoria james