At Mixbook, we provide our clients internet-based card and photo design tools and product services from Redwood City, California. Our system ensures you are offered an opportunity to create personalized picture books, calendars, cards, photo prints, and canvas prints. We derive our revenues and fulfill our purpose through printing personalized goods and shipping them to our clients. This printed product variety includes custom graduation cards which our consumer base continues to cherish because of their sentimental value. We use this style in assisting our clients in showcasing their wishes of prosperity to their loved one’s achievement. 

Why bank in Mixbook graduation greeting cards?

We understand the value people put in these cards and the good intentions they have to write them. To make this card more personal, we offer a range of ideas, styles, and designs that suit you and the card receiver. Our online design creates pieces that you could also use when appreciating any future endeavors your loved one plans.

Buying a regular card does not provide you with space to offer your creativity. Surprise your loved one with a custom-made graduation greeting card bespoke to your specific preference. For starters, choose colors and styles that will portray the graduate’s personality and educational accomplishment. View the many options we offer our clients through graduation greeting cards as you continue getting into specifics.

You are thinking about it, Mixbook has it, from custom picture books to bespoke photo invitations. Personalized photo books will help you remember all your academic accomplishments, while bespoke photo invitations could invite your friends during your graduation event. 

What aspects could I choose when designing a happy graduation greeting card?

At Mixbook, we understand our clients’ quest for attractive styling and unique presentation in their printed creations, including greeting cards. We provide customers with everything you may need to construct your customized designs, such as aesthetic text fonts, decorative accents, and fun stickers that add color to your custom card. 

We structure the cards with high-grade paper to ensure our consumers get luxurious finishes and a crisp, clear image. We offer our build-on themes on user-friendly templates, simplifying the whole custom process. Using our advanced software to create a tailored graduation greeting card, we guarantee a smooth process without any hindrances.

Whether you choose the landscape or portrait orientation personalized design, it doesn’t matter because everything fits with the Mixbook’s custom greeting cards. The templates are just blank spaces waiting to be filled with your creativity according to your taste.

We aim to help you create ideal reminders that will facilitate the commemoration of graduation in your family that will echo the occasion’s significance. 

Which graduation gifts trends and ideas could my card use?

Because of their importance in remembering a person’s accomplishment, you could place it as your achievements frame to display it year-round. You could discover many themes from our online templates, including those to wish the receiver success in their future endeavors.


Fuel your imagination and creativity today by choosing Mixbook for your graduation greeting card ideas and printing. Don’t hesitate to contact us to make your ideal bespoke cards a reality with novel styles and ideas, releasing your inner creativity!



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