Evan Rubinson is a businessman who has worn many hats during the course of his career. He currently has two board and advisor roles with organizations that are making a difference. He has founded one company that is vital to many segments of the music industry. When he started out in his career, he worked in finance. As a successful private equity analyst, he was enmeshed in the finance industry for many years before a new opportunity arose. After a death in the family, he was offered the role of running a musical instrument company that he wanted to stay in the family.

When Evan Rubinson took on his new role, he had the benefit of his experience in childhood with being within the music industry. Once he accepted the role of President and CEO of Armadillo Distribution Enterprises, he put that experience to good use and was soon growing the business. With many different brands being run by Rubinson, he founded and served as the CEO of ERA Brands, a role that he has remained in. He has remained in the finance industry as the CEO and CIO of Koroit Capital and the Co-Owner of Concordia Investment Partners. ERA Brands is an important company in the industry that supplies a wide range of musical instruments, including guitars and drums, to the music world.

As Evan Rubinson serves as a business leader, he also serves as an advisor and serves on two advisory panels to help the next generation of business leaders. He is a member of the advisory panel board at the University of South Florida Muma College of Business where he offers real-life case studies and helps with mentoring. He also serves as a member of the AAAC Board at Duke University. He balances his time between his many business ventures and being a role model and advisor to students who are interested in going into business.

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