Here is How Website Design on Wix Impact Your SEO in 4 Ways

  1. Readable text

Surely, experimenting with font styles is fun, but there is a reason to why there are Save Draft and Publish button on the website editor. Always select, font families, colors, and sizes that it makes it hard for the visitors to read your content. Embrace the concept of contrast to make sure your text looks good against your background. To have Inspirational E-commerce Websites in Singapore, you should hire a website design agency.

  1. CTA and other aspects should always be visible

There was a time when newspapers bore a sign on the front page, above the fold, so that you can immediately notice what’s ahead. Now this principle is embraced on the website design as well. Your most important elements like menu, logo and CTA should be clearly visible. Also have anchor links ready to keep buttons like menu, social media visible.

  1. Color psychology

According to psychology, colors tend to impact our mood. It also accentuates your emotions behind your brand and keep the visitors to feel festive all year.

  1. Declutter

Spring cleaning happens on websites as well, it embraces the concept of minimalism. Always keep your web layout systematically organized by making the most of whitespace to let essential segments of your page to stand out.