One of the best ways to increase website traffic is by using the accessiBe WordPress plugin that makes it easy to make your site accessible for people with disabilities.

According to the United Nations, 15% of the world’s population has some form of disability. Therefore, your website must be accessible for these people regardless of their disabilities. With just a few clicks, you can integrate accessiBe into your WordPress site and help millions of internet users with disabilities. Here are some ways it will help increase traffic to your site:

1) Site Inclusion for Disabled People

The plugin automatically ensures that people with disabilities will access your WordPress site. The key benefit of the plugin is to enable people with disabilities to access your site by not having settings that will inhibit their ability to use it. In addition, it conforms to Section 508 Federal Accessibility Guidelines, which are used by many sections of the federal government to ensure that all information technology developed or purchased by them is accessible for individuals with disabilities. The plugin also includes several additional features that enable you to tweak the settings of your WordPress site to ensure that it is accessible for people with various disabilities.

2) Increase Your SEO Rankings

The plugin also helps increase your website traffic by helping you achieve higher search engine ranks, which will, in turn, attract more traffic to your site. The plugin has all the features you need to make your site more accessible to search engines, thereby increasing your rankings.

3) Increase Customer Trust

Making your WordPress site accessible for people with disabilities not only helps them use it easily; it also helps you build trust with customers who are disabled. Since the plugin reduces the chances of any kind of errors occurring on blind or visually-impaired users’ end, they will come back and visit your website because they know that it is safe. The sites that fail at accessibility tests bring fewer conversions and sales figures for their businesses. With accessiBe, you can be sure that a large percentage of potential customers will feel confident about purchasing from you.

4) Increase Conversions

The plugin helps increase conversions by increasing the percentage of your potential customers who can purchase from you. The main principle behind increasing the conversion rate is that people with disabilities are more likely to buy products or services when they can do so easily. Therefore, you need an accessible site that is designed to enable them to make online purchases without experiencing any kind of problems whatsoever.

5) Reduce bounce rates for mobile users

People using mobile devices like iPhones and iPads might experience serious difficulties when browsing the web on their small screens, depending on what type of site they’re using. This issue improves with accessiBe since it reduces friction points when browsing through articles, blog posts, etc. On average, a full-screen mobile site reduced bounce rates by 52%.

6) Enables your website to work better with screen readers

Screen readers are pieces of software that enable users who have low or no vision at all to use a computer. They read the text on the screen aloud so those without sight can understand them easily. For these people to access your site, you need to make sure it is properly coded so as not to interfere with their usage. The accessiBe plugin automatically checks whether your site has been coded correctly and flags coding errors that may prevent accurate readings by screen readers.

Victoria james