Getting spent the final couple of days ending up in and chatting to small business proprietors around Kent, it grew to become obvious they all appear to manage similar challenges on the day-to-day basis.

When I expected, they all are time poor there was a continuing sense from all of these company proprietors or company directors that they must be ‘hands on’ and across all aspects of their business. But, because they explained, they might know about their business but may they require expert guidance and support to make sure their company grows and increases profitability.

A few of the challenges they faced incorporated:


Clients are in the centre associated with a business. Without customers and also the revenue generated then your business becomes just advisable. Among the primary challenges they faced was how to get, retain and maximise their clients?

For me personally, the important thing to winning new business and making certain customer retention is supplying not just great services or products but adding an excellent customer support experience. A method must be produced for making certain this customer growth and maximizing revenues from existing customers.


Many business proprietors aren’t marketing experts and want proper advice with regards to creating a business positioning, an advertising and marketing plan, an offer and taking into consideration the channels they would like to promote their business through.

The task would be to let the business to inform its story in a manner that enables the business to develop and make customer engagement. Getting a skilled marketer in to the business in both-house or like a consultant to assist develop this tactic makes it possible for the business owner to pay attention to what he is doing best.


For a lot of business proprietors you will find not enough hrs per day. All proprietors are extended for time. Making more time means sometimes saying no thanks and focussing on which is important for the prosperity of the business.

This is when business owner frequently seek exterior advice from the business mentor or consultant to encourage them to concentrate on what’s critical to add mass to the business.

Financial Management

It’s imperative for any small or medium-sized business to handle their cashflow effectively but may handling the P&L appeared is the third or 4th ‘order from the day’ for many business proprietors.

Receiving targeted financial advice from the consultant who takes time to analyse business performance, examines aged debtors, analyses client profitability and puts effective financial planning measures in position mitigates the chance of the business stepping into financial troubles.


Business Planning appeared to become some afterthought for a few of the business proprietors I spoken with, these were working more ‘on the fly’. Annual Planning should start no less than four several weeks prior to the finish from the financial year and really should begin with a proper annual budget, comprehending the profitability of every client/customer, growth possibilities, business development planning as well as an research into the overheads needed to service individuals clients/customers, market and also be the business, produce a great customer experience in addition to delivering a sustainable profit.

Effective business proprietors build a fortune and also be their business simply because they learn how to develop a culture where sustainable profitability is really a given.


Many business proprietors aren’t across all of the processes involved with managing a business therefore the challenge is to help make the processes involved with managing a business simpler. This is when an exterior consultant or expert support can be highly advantageous.

Failure to handle processes for example sales, marketing, business development, building customer loyalty, operational management, HR and worker development can result in companies failing. Being extended across business functions isn’t the easiest way for business proprietors to build up their business.

Victoria james