What are the major benefits of Soybean Inoculant?

Soybean is becoming a very popular crop around the world and one that should be increasingly useful in the future. Many farmers are now looking into growing this crop and also how to achieve the best results when they do. One thing to keep an eye on is the nitrogen levels in your soil and also the uptake of this element by your soybeans. If nitrogen levels or uptake are too low for example, it may affect the quality/yield of your crop.

But what can you do if you’re battling with either of these issues on your land? A good tip is to use safe fertilisers. Soybean inoculant is a classic example and can really help if low nitrogen levels are causing a problem for you. This product comes with a few big benefits – read on to find out just what they are.

Easy to mix and use

Any farmer will value products which are not only easy to prepare but also easy to use as well. But why is this so important? Fertilisers which are easy to mix come in handy because it is easier to prepare them correctly and also a lot less hassle. Products which are easy to use are also much simpler to apply and easier to apply correctly. Soybean Inoculant comes with both these benefits and is, therefore, a popular product on many farms.

Aids proper nodulation

Nitrogen deficiency in crops can be a big problem and this is certainly true for soybeans. Soybean Inoculant can help though and features high-power nitrogen-fixing qualities which boost the nitrogen count per seed. This is not the only reason to use it for soil where low nitrogen levels are an issue though. Dual-action, liquid Soybean Inoculant also comes with a high bacteria count and this helps to promote proper nodulation of your crop. The low application rate of 1.75oz per 100lbs also eliminates any problems with seed clumping for better results.

Flexibility of use

Another huge benefit this inoculant delivers is real flexibility of use. You can, for example, choose to mix it with water to apply direct in-furrow or go for a seed-application approach. This means you can decide on what works best for you and apply it in a way which you prefer. If you choose the in-furrow route, this inoculant works with any type of planting kit on the market.

Soybean Inoculant can help with better yields

If you grow soybean as a crop, you will always be looking for ways to get better yields. Soybean Inoculant is a great option to consider, especially if your soil’s nitrogen levels are low or your find your crop does not have a good nitrogen uptake usually. As the above shows, it comes with a few unique benefits to recommend it, which explains why it’s a popular product in agriculture.