What to do when your cat reaches old age?

Cats are usually very energetic when they are young, but that completely changes when they reach old age. One sign your cat has entered this stage is when it refuses its usual food. Here, vets recommend using hypoallergenic cat food because it improves digestion in older cats whose digestive systems can no longer digest certain foods. This food helps to keep your cat well-fed without compromising its health. Other signs that your cat is having a hard time are diarrhoea or allergies. Some companies produce hypoallergenic wet cat food free from known allergens, so there is less chance of your cat getting sick. Please note that you may need to try different brands of cat food as each company uses different formulas to make their products.

Take care of your cat’s mental health

Have you ever been depressed because you can’t do something? The same goes for your cat. He can no longer jump high or even climbing to certain places can make him dizzy or be very painful for his joints, especially with cats who suffer from arthritis. To prevent your cat from becoming depressed or suffering from anxiety, make certain modifications at home. The first is to move the spaces your cat used for climbing closer to the floor. For example, instead of vertical cat houses, the ideal is to place those spaces 30 or 40 centimetres above the floor and locate a ramp with anti-slip material so that your cat’s claws can be easily attached. Does your cat like to climb on the bed? Place some cushions to make it easier for him to get in and out of your bed.

Playtime is important

While it’s true that a senior cat doesn’t have the same energy level as a younger cat, that doesn’t mean it can’t have fun. Fatos come from the feline family and like to “hunt” for their food. To support your cat’s instinct, you can hide small pieces of their favourite food in different places around the house and impregnate some spaces with their scent for your favourite feline to find. Even if it’s just “hiding cat food” for you, it will be interesting for your pet and will help keep its mental and physical health in better shape for longer. If you don’t, your cat will undoubtedly get sick faster. Short of ideas? Consult your vet or search the internet. Some activities work better with certain types of cat breeds, as some cats are more active than others.